Online Surveillance, Censorship, and Encryption in Academia

... & S. Milan (2019)

Online Surveillance, Censorship, and Encryption in Academia

Leonie Maria Tanczer, Ronald J Deibert, Didier Bigo, M I Franklin, Lucas Melgaço, David Lyon, Becky Kazansky, Stefania Milan

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The Internet and digital technologies have become indispensable in academia. A world without email, search engines, and online databases is practically unthinkable. Yet, in this time of digital dependence, the academy barely demonstrates an appetite to reflect upon the new challenges that digital technologies have brought to the scholarly profession. This forum’s inspiration was a roundtable discussion at the 2017 International Studies Association Annual Convention, where many of the forum authors agreed on the need for critical debate about the effects of online surveillance and censorship techniques on scholarship. This forum contains five critiques regarding our digitized infrastructures, datafied institutions, mercenary corporations, exploitative academic platforms, and insecure online practices. Together, this unique collection of articles contributes to the research on academic freedom and helps to frame the analysis of the neoliberal higher education sector, the surveillance practices that students and staff encounter, and the growing necessity to improve our “digital hygiene.”

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Tanczer, L. M., R. J. Deibert, D. Bigo, M. I. Franklin, L. Megaço, B. Kazansky & S. Milan (2019). Online Surveillance, Censorship, and Encryption in Academia, International Studies Perspectives,

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