Citizenship and standard-setting in digital networks

The project Making the hidden visible: Co-designing for public values in standards-making and governance started in October 2020. It is funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO Responsible Innovation Grant MVI.19.032). It investigates standard-making in relation to democratic values and practices. It asks how the public sphere is governed today through the standardization of the digital and how to support societal values in the creation of standards. Specifically, it looks at standardmaking as a sociotechnical practice, analyzing technology development and implementation, the related governance arrangements and legal aspects.

The team is so composed:

  • Prof. Dr. Stefania Milan (University of Amsterdam) – project leader
  • Prof. Dr. Paul Groth (University of Amsterdam)
  • Dr. Adamantia Rachovitsa (Groningen University)
  • Dr. Niels ten Oever (University of Amsterdam) – postdoc
  • Xue Li MSc (Effy) (University of Amsterdam) – PhD student
  • Jeroen de Vos MA – project manager
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